Copy of Ingredients

Natural, safe and locally sourced

Everything we need comes from the world around us. Our formulations harness natural ingredients with science-backed benefits. Celebrating the long lineage (and proven results) of complementary medicine, GENTIL products have been expertly formulated to cultivate a healthy internal environment.

Natural & Safe

GENTIL Health celebrates natural ingredients with proven abilities to support women’s intimate health. Our formulations prioritise natural ingredients and we are committed to creating non-toxic products that are of the highest quality while being mindful of the environment.

Locally sourced

As a proudly Australian owned business, we look to our local partners when sourcing ingredients. Not only does this give us supply chain transparency but allows us to support our local community.

TGA approved

Designed to deliver results, our UTI pills (Care for U) are certified as a listed medicine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Australia’s regulatory authority, the TGA undertakes efficacy assessments to ensure that products which claim to treat medical concerns are supported by scientific evidence