May 09, 2024

A Naturopath's Insight into Motherhood and Wellness

A Naturopath's Insight into Motherhood and Wellness

Motherhood is a journey as diverse as the women who embark on it. Meet Shauna Anderson, BSc, Adv.Dip. Nat, our resident naturopath, who today shares some of her key insights to uncovering the delicate balance of nurturing others while honouring the need for self-care.

From prioritising gut health to navigating intimate wellness, Shauna's perspective is rooted in both personal experience and professional expertise. As she gracefully weaves together the importance of nutrition, supplements, and mindful living, Shauna sheds light on the profound impact these practices have on overall well-being—for herself, her children, and her clients. 

As a mother, you spend so much energy caring and providing for others. What are a few of your essential go-to’s for self-care to hold space for yourself as an individual?

Routine is a must for my own self-care and therefore putting time aside to ensure this, as well as eating nutritious meals and always taking my supplements. If time is an issue for the latter, I make sure I at least take those that support my gut. That is why I love Gentil Health’s ‘Take Care of U’ supplement, as it’s a urinary tract health formula as well as an antioxidant, immune support and gut health supplement in one.

How has your perspective on intimate health and wellness changed with your journey into motherhood? What do you now prioritise most?


Before motherhood I had a sense of what was healthy for me, however when I became pregnant it really highlighted the need for good self-care, especially around intimate health. It was not only my health, but my baby’s health at stake, and so I took greater care of myself during that time. I ensured I took all my supplements regularly and I ate healthier meals, drank water and became aware of blood sugar and how to balance this. It was harder to find supplements that were safe in pregnancy for intimate health and so I used ones containing probiotics specific for reproductive health (lactobacillus rhamnosus and reuteri).

When I became a mother, it was then essential to maximise my energy and manage my fatigue. Again, it was about my diet and exercise, and I became aware of which foods made me feel better or worse. Now I prioritise gut health and within that nutrition, as this affects all aspects of my health including intimate wellbeing.

Through your experience as a naturopath, what is the importance of gut health for overall wellbeing, and why? 


Gut health affects everything. The old saying, 'you are what you eat' is true, as most people today are aware. There is a proven link between gut health and the mind. This is called the gut-brain connection, and the connection goes both ways. There is also a link between the gut and other systems in the body including the urinary tract and reproductive system. Any imbalance in the flora of the gut will give rise to imbalances in other systems.

Good nutrition affects mood and therefore motivation. If I do not feel good, I am not motivated to be productive, and everything is negatively affected for the day. If I eat too much sugar or consume alcohol, it is mainly my gut health that suffers, and rest of my body follows suit. My kids are also happier and healthier when they eat properly and take their probiotics. Overall, we are better as a family when gut health is made a priority.

What’s your approach to educating your daughter about feminine intimate health as she matures? What do you see as non-negotiable info / guidance to support her on her journey into womanhood?

My approach is always to be open and honest and to instil a sense that feminine health is something to be proud of and not to be hidden away shamefully, as old-fashioned values might dictate. I grew up with this topic being taboo. I was lucky enough to have older sisters who helped me navigate growing into an adult woman. It was them that I went to for advice when I needed it the most.

I think education on boundaries and privacy is also important in this area as too many young women are taught to please over setting reasonable boundaries. My non-negotiable in this area is safety and encouraging empowerment when talking about women’s health, so that my daughter can always be honest when she needs to be. I will always encourage my daughter to be proactive and seek alternative health for her intimate wellbeing as so many conventional “solutions’ do not address the cause, only the symptoms. Keeping healthy with some simple techniques such as good nutrition and meditation, and taking supplements regularly, can make a huge difference, especially when the benefits accumulate over time.

If you could give any new mother one piece of advice to take on her journey ahead, what would it be?

My advice would to not be afraid to ask for help, and in fact, demand it from those close to you, especially a partner. I tried to do a lot on my own and it did not do well for my health. I wish I had the courage to ask for more help regularly during motherhood as this period was very tough to navigate. My body is so much healthier now I take the time to take care of myself and to get the help and rest I require.